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Machu Picchu Pictures

Machu Picchu Sunrise

Machu Picchu has something to offer to every visitor. The scientists from different fields continue to understand its harmony with the surrounding environment and the universe. Hikers climb the steep narrow Inca paths to the mountain tops. Photographers look for the best light and camera angle to take that perfect picture. People from all over the world come to fulfill their dream. Machu Picchu continues to fascinate us. This visual essay will take you on a journey around the most iconic spots of Machu Picchu close up.



Original entrance gate to Machu Picchu Citadel

Original entrance gate to the Machu Picchu Citadel


Temple of the Sun or Torreon with sun on the stone

Temple of the Sun or Torreon – the window is precisely oriented towards the solstice


The Main Temple

The Main Temple – one of many example of the excellent stone work


Inti Watana

Inti Watana – its name literaly means ‘to tie up the sun’ – ‘the Inca believed the stone held the sun in its place along its annual path in the sky’ Wikipedia


Snowy peaks seen from Machu Picchu - Cordillera Blanca - Andes Mountains

Snowy peaks seen from Machu Picchu – Cordillera Blanca – Andes Mountains


Water mirrors

Water mirrors for observing the night sky carved from the very mountain also called the Eyes of Pachamama – Mother Earth


Roof details

Roof details


Architectural symmetry in Machu Picchu

Architectural symmetry


Google Street View from Huayna Picchu

Google Street View from Huayna Picchu

Newly you can take a virtual hike to Huayna Picchu with Google Street View, or a drone flight with AirPano.

For more tips as to when the best time to visit Machu Picchu is and different ways to get there read this blog. More on the weather in Machu Picchu in this article. More on recent history of Machu Picchu here.

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